Reccommended adapters

To connect Scan My Tesla, you need 2 things:

2. OBD2 to Bluetooth adapter

*** PLEASE NOTE  For 2022 Model S/X ***

also known as Plaid or Palladium, correct cables are still difficult to get, the pinouts are different than the earlier Model S/X. Check with your favourite cable vendor, or build your own,  info in the DIY thread below.
The apps will work IF YOU SELECT MODEL 3/Y. These cars have inherited most if not all the electronics from 3/Y, and therefore use the same canbus 'speak'
Lots of data is still unknown to us, such as the 3rd motor, heat pump, HVAC in general. But most of the data is there.
The apps will be updated when we have more info on these cars.

Details below:

1. Adapter cable to connect to the Tesla CAN-bus:

E-Mobility Driving Solutions, our partners in Germany ship adapter cables and ready bundles worldwide: 

SL Elements has stock in several countries in Europe with next-day shipping: 

GPS America ships adapter cables world wide from USA/Canada: 

More information about cables/DIY:

2. OBD2 to Bluetooth/wifi adapters:



Android beta:

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