Reccommended software

Teslalogger constantly logs your trips, charging sessions and many other statistics through the Tesla web API. It also works together with Scan My Tesla to get the extra canbus data such as battery details, temperatures, motor torque and power etc. Together they create a unique package of statistics and data visualization.

TeslaMirror mirrors your phone or tablet screen to your Tesla's web browser in real time. Comes for both IOS and Android.

UDPLogger to graph your CSV logs from the app. Free, open source Windows software.

CANBUS Analyzer to decode raw logs or can dumps. This software can also be used to dig through logs for new signals, or be used for any car.

DriveSync to sync your log files onto Google Drive. Lots of features including to remove the files from your phone after syncing, so it doesn't fill up. will log, graph and map your trips, charging costs etc.

AirDroid can view and remote control your phone from anywhere, useful to keep an eye on Scan My Tesla remotely.