Known inaccuracies

Most values and measurements in this app are coming directly from the car. But a few I am calculating within the app, from combinations of other values. Some of these may be wrong, or has some notes attached that you should be aware of:

  • Charging cycles, discharge cycles

These are calculated from 'Total charge' divided by 'Nominal full pack'. That means, when the car is new, it could be pretty accurate, but as your 'Nominal full pack' capacity is sinking/changing, these will rise more than the actual number of full charges. In order to calc this properly we should have had something like an average pack capacity since the car was new, which we don't have. Also, the buffer is not included. Suggestions welcome.

  • Regen total, AC charge, DC charge

This one, and all other regen calculations come from 'AC charge total' and 'DC charge total'. These two counters seem to have been introduced at some point in time through a software update, and they only count back to a certain date. So on older cars, for example my 2014 S85, these counters are showing too low numbers and regen will be too high. It means the total counts are off, but for trips it will work fine. Regen total will also affect Energy and Consumption in the total tab, so unfortunately this ruins most of that tab for older cars.