scan my tesla has 3 menus:

  • wrench icon on upper left
  • arrow on upper right
  • context menu (long-click one or more selected items in a tab)

The Wrench menu should be pretty straight forward, except the 'Reset tabs' option: This will delete all your tab customizations, also any stored trips are lost. Use with caution.

The arrow menu should also be pretty straight forward.

  • Raw logs are meant for debugging, if you get strange/corrupted values, or have problems using a specific adapter, please send me a raw log.
  • CSV logs can be used with Excel or any other CSV compatible tool, but my UDPLogger graph utility is highly reccomended, especially for long or wide CSVs. You can find the latest version here:

Context menu lets you delete or copy items to other tabs. Tap items to select, long-press to get the meny, click copy. Then use paste from the arrow menu in another tab.